Season 1
Season Information
Season premiere: Popular, Round One
Season finale: Two Weddings And A Funeral
№ of episodes: 22
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Season 2

Season 1 of Popular aired from 1999-2000 on The WB.

Season ArcEdit


Leslie Bibb as Brooke McQueen
Carly Pope as Sam McPherson
Tamara Mello as Lily Esposito
Tammy Lynn Michaels as Nicole Julian
Sara Rue as Carmen Ferrara
Leslie Grossman as Mary Cherry
Christopher Gorham as Harrison John
Bryce Johnson as Josh Ford
Ron Lester as Sugar Daddy

Recurring castEdit

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Guest starsEdit

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Thelistisup 1x01 Popular, Round One
The first episode of the series
Start of the sophomore year
Tryouts for the cheerleading squad
Auditions for the school musical
102Party 1x02 Mo' Menace, Mo' Problems
Carmen goes missing
Sam goes on a date
The fight between the populars and the wannabees escalates
Jane and Mike return
1x03 Under Siege
1x04 Windstruck
1x05 Slumber Party Massacre
1x06 Truth Or Consequences
1x07 Queen B.
1x08 Tonight's The Night
1x09 Wild Wild Mess
1x10 Fall On Your Knees
1x11 Ex, Lies And Videotape
1x12 The Trial Of Emory Dick
1x13 Hope In A Jar
1x14 Caged!
1x15 Booty Camp
1x16 All About Adam
1x17 Lord Of The Files
1x18 Ch-Ch-Changes
1x19 Hard On The Outside, Soft In The Middle
1x20 We Are Family
1x21 What Makes Sammy Run
1x22 Two Weddings And A Funeral