You're smarter than me, you've been telling me that since fourth grade
Jane to Sam

Samantha McPherson
Biographical Information
Nickname Sam
Spam (by Nicole)
Age 16
Status Wannabe
Occupation Student at Kennedy High
Editor-in-chief at the Zapruder Reporter
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 168 cm
Hair color Brunette
Family Joseph McPherson
Jane McPherson
Mike McQueen
Brooke McQueen
Friends Carmen Ferrara
Lily Esposito
Harrison John
Romances Harrison John
George Austin
Leo Ferrara
Josh Ford
(Crush, kissed once)
Portrayed by Carly Pope
First appearance Popular, Round One (1.01)
Final appearance Promblems (2.21)
Episodes 43

Sam McPherson is a main character on Popular. She is portrayed by Carly Pope.


Sam is very focused and driven in her journalistic endeavours, sometimes to the point of tunnel vision, which can hinder her original intentions with her work. She cares a great deal about her friends.


Had a momentary crush on Josh Ford, after assisting him in rehearsal for the school play. She sat on his lap to rehearse a scene with him and he got an erection which made both of them uncomfortable.


Her father died when she was fourteen.



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