Nicole Julian
Biographical Information
Nickname Nic
Status Popular
Occupation Student at Kennedy High
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 163 cm
Hair color Blonde
Family Judy Julian
(Adoptive mother)
Nana Julian
Mary Lou Parker
(Biological mother)
Friends Brooke McQueen
Mary Cherry
Josh Ford
Sugar Daddy
Poppy Fresh
Romances Josh Ford
(One night stand)
Portrayed by Tammy Lynn Michaels
First appearance Popular, Round One
Final appearance Promblems

Nicole Julian is a main character on Popular. She is portrayed by Tammy Lynn Michaels.


Nicole is seen in flashbacks to have been a shy, self-perceived geeky girl who is bullied by, but reverent of Marley Jacob. When Marley passes, Nicole crowns herself heir to the throne of bitchdom at Kennedy High and herself become the bully.


At the start of the show, Nicole is good friends with Brooke and hangs out with her fellow Glamazons, Mary Cherry and Popita, as well as the jocks, Josh and Sugar Daddy.



As a main character, Nicole appears in every episode of Popular. For an episode list for season one - click here, and for season two - click here