Carmen Ferrara
Biographical Information
Nickname Carm
Age 16
Status Wannabe
Occupation Student at Kennedy High
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 170 cm
Hair color Red
Eye color Brown
Family Leo Ferrara
Joy Ferrara
Friends Sam
Sugar Daddy
Romances Pablo
Enemies Nicole Julian
Portrayed by Sara Rue
First appearance Popular, Round One (1.01)
Final appearance Promblems (2.21)
Episodes 43
Carmen Ferrara is a main character on Popular. She is portrayed by Sara Rue.


Carmen's homelife is difficult. Her mother usually weighs her food before she eat's it, she's overheard her father saying that she doesn't get it from his side of the family, and that's why she's a freak who eats two pounds of M&M:s under the blanket; so she can prove that it's only what she thinks about herself that matters, not what they think She Is Also Chicken Like When She Is Hypnotized To Thinking She's A Chicken In Slumber Party Massacre.


Carmen is bubbly, kind, outgoing and helpful to everyone around her, even strangers, and especially her friends.


Family Edit


Carmen's mother is an abusive alcoholic, who also hits Carmen on occasion. Regardless of having to deal with this, Carmen maintains quite a sunny demeanor and goes after her dreams, in spite of having no support at home.


Leo and Carmen have a warm and loving relationship, though Leo does not live at home anymore and so is not an everyday support system for Carmen.

Friends Edit


Carmen and Sam sometimes team up for moral projects at Kennedy with good intentions, but end up realising they may not have gone about it the best way. They are both very adamant at making a difference for other students and while Carmen is very supportive of her friends, Sam sometimes judges Carmen for her choices – such as trying out for the Glamazons.


Carmen has an incredibly close friendship with Lily – so much so the two at one point explored a possibly romantic attraction and kissed. Carmen is supportive of Lily's endeavours, and her shoulder in times of need. Lily encourages Carmen to go for what she wants and be true to herself.


Carmen is a bit of a grounding force for Harrison at times when he crosses the line in his search for what he wants – such as when he borrowed her guitar to perform a demeaning song about her relationship with Josh! But Carmen is a confident, real personality and quickly reels Harrison in and shows him what is really going on. And Harrison, although at times confused, cares about Carmen and has her back.


Carmen's screen name is Gwyneth2187